HUstadt process: July 2009

25 July 2009

23 July 2009

Bau des temporären Pavillons auf dem Brunnenplatz - (Building of temporary pavilion)

UmBAU_stelle_ HUstadt / Temporary Pavilion on Brunnenplatz The project was done together with social-activist Matthias Köllmann who was also a member of the Aktionsteam. Together we developed the idea of building a Temporary Pavilion, which would be a try-out for the Community Pavilion proposed within the urban re-design plan of Hustadt. However, the idea wasn’t only to build a “try-out” for the future public platform but to utilise the building process to establish communication with people living at Brunnenplatz and its close vicinity. Besides we were able to observe very closely how people – different age groups – used the place itself and what could be the potential and problems within the planning of the future situation. (att.7) Gallery m, which had invited me to make the project, organised some second-hand cheap boards and even some other construction material for free which helped a great deal. The City neither approved nor dis-approved of building the Temporary Pavilion. Nevertheless we didn’t get any official building permission for this temporal structure that was placed on Brunnenplatz for another 8 months.

13 x 18 cm. (2)

building of pavillion 2

13 x 18 cm. (2)

15 July 2009


‐ Handy_Photo_Hustadt: Part of the Hustadt Project is also an active student group from the Art History Department of Ruhr University supervised by the curator Astrid Wege (EU Kunsthalle) and myself. The students joined the Hustadt Project with a proposal to create a possibility for Hustadt inhabitants to present their neighborhood outside of Hustadt possibly to the audience in Bochum and elsewhere. We have asked the inhabitants to take mobile phone photos of their place as they see it.

Students involved:
Annika Becker, Clemens Braun, Patrick Dondorf, Simone Rudolph, Dirk Hansmeier, Celina Knierim, Jan Gerrit‐ Meyer, Eva Munoz

line photos

handy-photo 3handy-photo 2

handy-photo 1

line photos