HUstadt process: May 2011

22 May 2011


I was commissioned to produce an art project, which I was trying to bring to completion. The lawyers from the “Rechnungprüfungsamt”– Regional Audit Office where asking me, where is the art object? At this point I found this whole process absurd. Never in my life had I been so aware of the gap between art and the rest of the (legal) world.
wo ist das Kunstwerk

21 May 2011

20 May 2011

the pavilion mini herb garden

Two members of Aktionsteam, Susanne Breindenbach and Bettina Eickhoff, are coming to Hustadt every month to give a garden workshop for kids and their parents. It became a very popular activity that created a very special bonding between various social groups.

line photos

discussing hustadt project in the city council

We have got the money from the Fonds voor Beeldende Kunsten (NL) and Slovenian Ministry of Culture to finish the Pavilion already in September 2010 however the politicians in the city of Bochum needed half a year to decide if they would like to see the Pavilion finished or not.

In May 2011 they made the final decision despite the CDU objections.

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05 May 2011


Hustadt Brennpunkt again? At the beginning of May, at the time of the Eurovision Song Contest, which was happening in Dusseldorf, the German special police made a severe action looking for the El Khaida therorists. They found one in Hustadt – the 19 years old Amid who was my neighbour. WAZ - the regional daily newspaper wrote about the event with the most fear and horror and declared Hustadt as a no – go area again. People from Hustadt wrote a protest and WAZ has to apologise. They came to visit Hustadt with their WAZ mobile and apologize for the article they wrote. (video: WAZ apology)


02 May 2011