HUstadt process: handy_photo_HUstadt

15 July 2009


‐ Handy_Photo_Hustadt: Part of the Hustadt Project is also an active student group from the Art History Department of Ruhr University supervised by the curator Astrid Wege (EU Kunsthalle) and myself. The students joined the Hustadt Project with a proposal to create a possibility for Hustadt inhabitants to present their neighborhood outside of Hustadt possibly to the audience in Bochum and elsewhere. We have asked the inhabitants to take mobile phone photos of their place as they see it.

Students involved:
Annika Becker, Clemens Braun, Patrick Dondorf, Simone Rudolph, Dirk Hansmeier, Celina Knierim, Jan Gerrit‐ Meyer, Eva Munoz

line photos

handy-photo 3handy-photo 2

handy-photo 1

line photos

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