HUstadt process: building the roof

18 July 2011

building the roof

Finally we started to build the roof. It was a rainy day, of course, when they delivered the material for the roof very early in the morning. At first we were five people (Matthias, Philipp, Tobias, Faruk and myself) and then some others joined in. Finally everybody was helping us; Claudia from IFAK made coffee for us, Aino from the Pizzeria gave us water, Ismail from the Kiosk brought us some sweets. We worked for 14 hours to finish the roof. The work was quite dangerous since we didn’t have enough money to build the scaffolding or any kind of protection system. At the end of the day (quite late in the day) Hustadt got a public roof!
Many thanks to: Thobias, Matthias, Philipp, Wolfgang, Peter, Faruk, Memet, Tugai and Claudia!

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