HUstadt process: ”Happy New Beginning” – invited public event

20 December 2009

”Happy New Beginning” – invited public event

”Happy New Beginning” – invited public event My idea at this point was to take a step back and participate at the Aktionsteam meetings as a regular member of the group not leading the meetings as I had been doing till now. That was also what we agreed upon: UmQ with Philipp Unger and some other people should take over the responsibility for organising actions around and for the Community Pavilion. I was delegated to take care of extra funding since we would have to finish a great deal of the building ourselves. The “Happy New Beginning” was therefore a small symbolic gesture: I was handing over the project to Aktionsteam and people who wanted to work with the project in the future. We were celebrating our victory that we managed to get permission to build the Community Pavilion in Hustadt. Therefore I organised an event were everybody who had worked with me in the last year and a half could select and take a few photos from my documentation collection of the Hustadt Project as a memento. However, the project was not yet finished or even close to the end. I stayed in Hustadt for almost another 2 years. Meanwhile the City Administration had sent to Querenburg Ms. Gullan from “Ordnungamt”, the office that takes care of order and safety, clean streets and engaging citizens. She organised a group of people who named themselves “Kümmererteam”, which was an interesting initiative after the Aktionsteam. A lot of the same people were involved, but only Germans again.

13 x 18 cm. (2)

13 x 18 cm. (2)

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