HUstadt process: Workshops - Januar(y) 2009 -

14 January 2009

Workshops - Januar(y) 2009 -

Bewohner der Hustadt denken über Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft des Brunnenplatzes nach.
Inhabitants of the Hustadt contemplate past, present and future of the "Brunnenplatz".


Main points for change in Hustadt:

1. More Light
2. Orientation / directions
3. Garbage places
4. Playgrounds needs a "lift up" (for different age groups)
5. More LIFE on ground floor:

Platforms for various activities for different age groups:
- Seating elements; urban furniture
- Playing chest (lift up)
- Playing football (finding place)
- Playing table tennis (lift up)
- Meeting points (Café, Kurdish ovens &
barbaque, Community Hall- library- second hand books, cinema, theatre,

6. Parking places needs a re-placement and
"lift up"

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