HUstadt process: Aktionsteam_HUstadt


I organized the “Aktionsteam – Brunnenplatz 1”* after doing my preliminary research in Hustadt. Together with people I had met there we developed a program for activities, which could take place on the main square – Brunnenplatz. The idea of the activities program is to test the limits and understanding of the possibilities within the specific context of this public space. It is also to test the possible program for the future Community Pavilion, which should be activated by people themselves. By presenting inhabitants with a possibility for self-organization and self-action, they can create the conditions for a community based on cultural difference.

The group started to organize a socalled potluck Brunch every Sunday in collaboration with IFAK (Verein für multikulturelle Kinder- und Jugendhilfe, Migrationsarbeit.). In the frame of the project Brunnenplatz 1, we started a herb garden, which would in the future find a place next to the summer kitchen at the Community Pavilion. A bicycle repair workshop has been organized to demonstrate the possibility of creating a self-organized small business opportunity for the Hustadt inhabitants. Our program includes other activities like storytelling in public, second-hand book sales, flea markets, handicraft workshops, dance courses, and film screenings.

Andreas Steinau (Falun Gong),
Wilfried Unger – UmQ (theatre),
Renate Thomas (herb garden),
Gülbahar Aldur (dance),
Nevzan Badur, Philip Unger – UmQ (book bazaar, graffiti, movies, music),
Matthias Köllmann (speedminton)
Dr. Herta Fischer (cake and coffe),
Luisa Martin Morales (dance),
Christoph Nitsch (literature),
Silke Bolesta (pottery, bike repair workshop)
Andreas Galatas und Tina Czerwinski - Initiative Bürgerstiftung Bochum (sunday brunch),
Ina Gutteck, Sonya Bachari, Gabriele Franke (flea market),
Alexander Kutsch und Uta Schütte-Haermeyer – Stadtumbaubüro (cinema),
Sandra Königsmann und Apolonija Šušteršic (community pavilion).


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